project and rubric work

So here’s the class project I’ll be working on for T509:

Creating Self-Paced Online Learning About Technology for Educators

EdTechTeacher is a professional learning consultancy that works with schools and districts to help teachers leverage technology to create student-centered, inquiry-based learning environments. Students, acting as consultants, will propose a strategy for taking latent online assets (videos, slides, etc.) and turn them into a more structured self-paced online learning experience.

Project manager: Beth Holland


I’m supposed to come up with a draft rubric to assess my work.  Argh. However, I looked at EdTechTeacher and found a Rubric resource! Heh heh heh. So I’m going to try RubiStar to create a draft rubric… ok, that didn’t work– the rubrics are for kids… nothing for creating self-paced online learning courses for adults.

I googled and found this thesis…Principles for designing online selfpaced corporate training, by David Christopher Braet  I don’t have time to read it now but it could prove helpful at some point.

So back to the Rubric resource… ahh, here’s another one… DigiTales Scoring Guides…Informative/Expository, “How-to Directions”… let’s try that… Home_Digitales_-_2014-09-16_21.58.50

Cool!!  Way too much but I was able to copy and paste it into an excel file.  Download it here:  Rubric Draft

That’s enough for tonight.

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