Advice, anyone?

Rachel, I completely understand about finding time to write. I’m also struggling with finding time to READ. I made an exciting discovery this AM, though (well, exciting to me– probably old news to edtech types) around how to manage reading web articles. I think I’ll blog about it now. Thanks for the inspiration!

Rachel Roberts

This week, I’ve had so many thoughts fly through my head yet so little time to sit down and write. Well, until now – 10PM on Friday evening, just as I’m thinking through my lesson plans for tomorrow’s flute students. I had told myself I’d do it this week … and then life happened. Sometimes when it rains, it just pours – and that can be a good thing!

QUESTION: What are your strategies for committing to making time to write?

A few thoughts that I’m pondering and hope to write about soon:

  • the value of experiential education, and questions about if this can happen as effectively online as it does in person
  • how continued learning could be used for personal development within a professional setting, specifically through the eyes of “deliberately developmental organizations”
  • what are the qualities of a leader / instructor that help to inspire the most within students, especially in…

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