HELP– feeling overwhelmed…

How can I be coming back from a long weekend feeling exhausted and overwhelmed?  I have a paper due on Thursday, that’s why.  And I’m blocked.

I think it may be that I’m overthinking.  (ya think?)

I don’t feel connected to the students (they’re all in another program and are friends already).  The lecturer uses a “quasi-socrative” method and always argues the opposite side of a point.  It makes the class kind of intimidating.

I don’t think he likes me.  And that’s self-defeating.  And I shouldn’t care.  But I kind of do. I told him I wanted to start a twitter handle for the class and he said he didn’t want one because it would restrict free speech.  When I asked him about the paper I’m writing he said something like “all the facts are there, I’m not going to tell you the answer.”

All that said, I Do like his class.  The material is super-interesting and he is very organized and funny and the discussions are thought-provoking.  I’m glad I’m taking it.

OK, productive procrastination is now over.  Must Write Draft Of Paper Now.

Maybe if I just blogged the paper it would be easier…?

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