Starting again… again

OK, I just read this article by Lisa Endlich10 Reasons Why You Should Have a Blog… and I’m inspired to start again… again.

I started this blog as an assignment for Justin Reich‘s class “Massive: The Future of Learning at Scale” and I meant it to have an Educational Technology bent but now I’m realizing that my “story” at the moment is about figuring out what I want to do with the next stage of my working life and career.

I spent the first stage of my working life becoming a very good Boston-based actor.  First theater, then on-camera and voiceover work.  At the same time I worked full-time and then part-time at Harvard University taking care of research grants. They were both “real” jobs, but acting was a bit more real for me.  I was a small business owner selling acting services.  By 2000 I had joined all the acting unions, worked in some of the bigger Boston theaters, and had earned enough (via a national commercial) that I qualified for healthcare and I decided to start commuting to NYC.  I completed a successful NYC showcase in July of 2001 and then the twin towers fell and completely changed the landscape.  I reflected on my life during that time and came to the conclusion that most of the acting work I’d been doing was not having an impact on the world.  At the same time, Harvard called and asked if I was ready to come back…

That’s all for today… stay tuned for the next stage!

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