On being a HouseSpouse…

Today is my last official day as a Harvard employee (for now, at least).  I’ve found myself thinking about- and doing- much more nesting.

Rob and I were listening to Real Time with Bill Maher yesterday and he had a guy on named Dan Buettner talking about Blue Zones and How to Live to Be 100.  (Some of the answers are: eat beans, don’t eat meat, have sex at least 2x a week, have a health system that prevents illness, be part of a faith-based community, and get up and do something every 20 minutes on average.)

I’ve also been thinking about HouseSpousery. Don’t want to be sexist here– anyone can be a HouseSpouse.  It’s easier for women, though, because of the historical norm of women staying home and House-ing.  When I was working full-time (read: “more than full-time”) I had no time for housework.

Housework done properly can kill you.

and I had a great excuse not to do it.  It is an understatement to say Housework is not my forte.  However, now that I’m home full-time (I’ve been working from home all summer) I cannot ignore the sheer mountains of Stuff that need to be taken care of any longer.  I have four plastic bags full of clothing and 6 boxes of books that are going to the donation bin, and I have at least twice that that still needs to be culled.  The back yard needs to be taken care of…

ASIDE: I just took my first 20 minute break— I have a page called Tab-Timer pinned to my web browser.  I put a link to a video of Uptown Funk You Up (thanks for the tip, Rena!) on it and set the timer for 20 mins.  It is pretty much impossible not to get up and dance to this song.  It’ll probably be the next generation’s overplayed wedding reception song (like Celebrate, YMCA, It’s Raining Men, We are Family, the Macarena etc.).  While I danced I stripped a bed of sheets– double awesome! (it’s like a Double Rainbow, but better).


…I’ve started to clean out the cellar but ran into a bit of a flea problem so I need to go back down and de-bug before I can do more… Too much information?  Sorry.

I’ve also started taking on more building management… trying to be a better landlord (hate that word—rental apartment owner??—no, too long).  We’ve had squirrels in the roof for about a year now and the list of little things that need to be fixed is just too long and boring to list here.

And I’ve started making meals at home.  I wouldn’t call it cooking—salads and microwaved dinners are pretty much the norm—but it’s a step in the right direction.  All four of us (the cats, Rob, and I) are on diets.  Seamus Hates This.  So do I, come to think of it.  But it has to be done.

I’m running out of writing juice now.  More to come…

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