Tilting at Windmills?

I’ve been feeling quixotic lately… foolishly impractical… filled with romantic ideas… Well, that’s always there, yes.  The second definition of the word is a bit more appropriate …like chaotic and unpredictable.

Six weeks after I became a full time HouseSpouse I started another job. At Harvard. Financial manager for a department and museum.  History of Science-I’m crossing from Science into Social Sciences now.  Also dealing with All finances, not just sponsored.  So room to grow and learn.  And health insurance.

This job is part-time, though, so I can pursue my HouseSpousery AND create my new consulting adventure…

PVA Header

Still working on the business plan for PVA.  I started looking into becoming a limited liability corporation (LLC). I also need to do some more research into other business models, set pricing for services, flesh out the website more… This feels like the right thing for me right now.

2015-11-15 16.56.09
Oscar TheWilde overseeing growth of Thanksgiving cactus blossoms

On the House front… squirrels are evicted without bloodshed and in enough time to find a new home before the winter sets in.  Deciding on whether or not to get a new roof now.  Organizing/throwing out stuff is about halfway done. Now getting ready to enjoy the holiday madness.

On the spiritual/mental well being front… I’m laughing and crying my way through Amy Poehler’s book “Yes, Please!”  I’ll save my thoughts for another post but… wow!!!!  Download the audio book if you can– read by the author, Patrick Stewart, Kathleen Turner, Carol Burnett… and many others.  I am in awe and totally inspired by Amy.  Wow.  (did I mention wow?)



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