July 1 Update

It’s been a time of learning and introspection this past year. I’m trying to allow myself time to reflect and recover.  Working at my old job and getting a master’s degree took a lot of energy and I’m still, to some extent, feeling the burnout. I’m don’t yet feel up to my usual energy level (and maybe this level of energy is the New Normal).  However, I managed to accomplish a few things and enjoy life a bit too.   Let’s see if I can catch up quickly…

  • November/December– holiday stuff PLUS continued learning the ropes at History of Science (HOS) /Collection of Historic Scientific Instruments (CHSI).
  • January-Now– started Improv classes at Improv Boston… inspired by Amy Pohler, Tina Fey, and Mindy Kaling’s autobios (funny smart women rock).
  • February-ish– started singing with the garage band “Unusual Attitudes.”  Everyone in it is an airplane pilot except me– I fly a broom. : )
  • March– Las Vegas/Grand Canyon trip with the spouse.  GC was, of course, AMAZING (pics below)
  • April– New Orleans, LA trip with a great group of gals
  • June– saw my oldest niece graduate from high school!
  • Practical Vision Advising— not much progress yet with the business plan but I’ve got a lot going on and a few irons in the fire.  Looking to do some pro bono work to beef up the client base.
  • I co-taught the one day workshop Essentials of Sponsored Research Administration at the NCURA Region I Spring Meeting at the end of April.  Another one coming in September
  • Housespousery continues… continuing to get rid of stuff we don’t need & trying to clean out the basement now.

2016-03-06 10.31.55

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